When to Use Logo Animations
+ Some of Our Favorites

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August 28, 2018

When to Use Logo Animations
+ Some of Our Favorites

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One of my favorite things about logo animations is that they’re a low-effort, high-impact way for small businesses and entrepreneurs to stand out from the crowd. You also don’t need to hire a designer or programmer to make the magic happen—our library is full of After Effects logo animation templates that can be customized to fit any video project. Logo animation has the power to elevate any video that you’re working on. If you want to create brand awareness, impress your audience, and develop a reputation for cutting-edge media, then you should be using logo animations to help you do so.

Chances are, your business (or passion project) has at least one of these three things: a website, social media accounts, and/or a YouTube channel. Logo animations pair well with all of these platforms, so we’ll take you through some easy ways that you can start using animation templates. We’ll also share our favorite logo animation templates from our video library and video marketplace.

Using Logo Animations for Social Media

Videos tend to have a much higher conversion rate on social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, so businesses are increasingly adding video to their marketing strategy. This includes videos posted to business pages and videos for paid ads. In both cases, logo animation can increase the quality of your video and make a memorable impact on audiences. Especially in the case of ads, you have a very short amount of time to make an impression, so every second counts. You also don’t want to leave your audience guessing what company is behind the video they just watched. Adding your logo with animation will make your company stand out and ensure that your audience remembers who made the ad.

Using Logo Animations for Websites

Storyblocks Logo AnimationPeople tend to assume that logo animations are reserved for video content, but they’re actually much more versatile. There are so many moving parts to a website (literally), and you can improve some of those elements with logo animation. Take, for example, the Storyblocks site: when you search our library for stock footage, images, and audio, you’ll notice that the loading icon is an animated version of our logo.

Hero images are also great opportunities for logo animation. Why not try animating the logo in the navigation bar on your site, too? For these cases, though, we recommend that you don’t loop the animation (like a gif)—just play it once, or periodically, so it doesn’t overwhelm visitors. Learn how to use photoshop to create an animated logo like this.

Using Logo Animations for YouTube Videos

Whether you have a personal YouTube channel or one for your business, you are probably working to build up brand awareness. You want your audience to recognize your style, anticipate your next video, and enjoy every second of the viewing experience. YouTube is increasingly prioritizing watch time, so using killer logo animations for your intros and outros will keep audiences engaged and excited about your content. As your channel’s watch time increases, your performance within YouTube’s algorithm will improve. The added level of professionalism that logo animations provide will also appeal to potential partners and sponsors.

Explore Popular Logo Animations from Our Library

If you’re an up-and-coming YouTuber, a business trying to stand out on social, or an entrepreneur looking to revamp your site on a budget, logo animations will take you to the next level. There’s no need for your production costs to go through the roof—simply check out our library of logo animation templates and you’ll be ready to go. If you need some help getting associated with Adobe AE, explore our Adobe After Effects tutorials or start practicing with a free AE template and video tutorial.

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