How to Use Sony Vegas to Do Green Screen and Chroma Key Editing

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January 28, 2011

How to Use Sony Vegas to Do Green Screen and Chroma Key Editing

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Using a green screen is a fast and easy way to come up with some really creative video. If you don’t want to use ready-made green screen footage, you can use Sony Vegas‘ chroma key tool to personalize your green screen for your specific video project needs.

Watch this tutorial to learn how:

Or follow these simple steps:

1) Import the footage with the green screen and place it on Track 1 in your timeline sequence.

2) Import the video or image you wish to replace the green with and place it on Track 2 on the timeline.

3) Use the Chroma Keyer as an effect on Track 1. You can do this two ways:

  • Find Chroma Keyer in the Video FX tab and drag it into Track 1
  • Click the Event FX button on the clip itself and select Sony Chroma Keyer

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4) Above the preview video, turn on “Split Screen View” and set it to FX bypassed. This will give you clip you want to chroma key on the left side of the video preview and the new image on the right.

5) Click on the Event FX button on Track 1 to open up the Chroma Keyer settings. Under the color select the little eyedropper and use it to select the green color in the left side of the video preview. This will make that color transparent in Track 1 allowing whatever your image or video is to show through.

6) Save your project.

7) Render your project.

8) Save your project again.

And that’s it! It is that simple to edit green screen footage with the chroma key tools in Sony Vegas.


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