Build Editing Templates to Speed Up Your Workflow

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July 16, 2020

Build Editing Templates to Speed Up Your Workflow

Hey guys, I’m Lizzie Peirce here for Storyblocks, and I run a video production company. I’m here today to tell you guys about the wonders of editing templates, and how it’s going to speed up your workflow, and why you should consider using them.

Should you build or customize your templates?

First thing’s first, you have two choices: You can, one, build your own template from scratch or, two, you can customize a template that already exists. 

How to customize graphic templates

One style of template I’m always reaching for is a title graphic, and for the sake of your sanity and time, I would recommend customizing a graphic template that already exists. And that’s because so much of the framework is already done for you, and you can really make these templates your own with just some subtle tweaks. Take this template for example, it already has a really smooth animation built into it, so then all I have to do is change the font, the colors, the speed, and save them all so they’re ready to go for my next project. 

So, why are these templates so important? Well, yes, they help save you time, but they also help you keep a consistent editing style for your YouTube channel, or maybe a series you’re working on. So, building these templates, keeping them organized, and keeping them on hand, will help you actually make more money. Because now you have more time to do more work. So, make sure you organize them into a hard drive on your computer, for example, and then label them by the genre of content you feel they’re best suited for. 

Building a portfolio of custom templates

This template building and organization shouldn’t just be limited to your graphic templates. You can build custom templates for your transitions, libraries for your favorite music and sound effects, or maybe your LUTs to color correct your projects. All in all, taking the time to make a template you’re really happy with, is not only going to make you money, it’s going to save you time and save you from a lot of repetitive work. Thank you guys so much for reading and happy editing.

Lizzie Peirce

At only 27 years old, Lizzie has built the company and personal brand that most only dream of. Bitten by the travel bug, she left her full time job at a Toronto Production Company to build her own business - Know Hau Media Operations Inc. with her partner Chris Hau. Lizzie is now a social media influencer with a specialty in educational photography and video content. She travels all over the world sharing her adventures with her audience.

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