Create Blockbuster Credit Rolls in After Effects: 5 Must-Have YouTube Tutorials

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March 2, 2017

Create Blockbuster Credit Rolls in After Effects: 5 Must-Have YouTube Tutorials

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Don’t think your audience cares about credit rolls? Think again. Hollywood has trained viewers to come early and stay until the very end thanks to unique title animations and “easter egg” post-credit scenes. But polished credit rolls aren’t just for big-time studios. Sharp title and ending credits on your video project are a great way to signal professionalism and high-production value, instantly making your project look high end—even on a shoestring budget. Not sure how to add credits that are big screen-ready? After Effects templates are a simple, time-saving way to polish your project.

Of course, the most famous and instantly recognizable scrolling titles of any film is the opening text in Star Wars. Paired with the score, it’s an iconic and indelible movie moment.

(And yes, we have an After Effects template for that.)

Download this Star Wars inspired After Effects template.

Before special effects and the wonders of post-production editing, one of the simplest techniques for rolling credits was to write them on a sheet of paper and then literally roll them in front of a camera. Today, you just need the the perfect pick from a plethora After Effects templates to create professional credit rolls—or create something that is slightly more bespoke with an After Effects sequence from scratch.

To get you started we’ve curated five popular YouTube tutorials that are detailed and fun to work with. Immersing yourself in these videos can also give you tips on how to take advantage of all the After Effects templates that we have in our library.

1. True Detective Titles – HBO After Effects Tutorial

Want a double exposure style end title or credits sequence just like HBO’s True Detective? Mikey, who is an old hand at After Effects templates, is effective and informative in this tutorial.

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2. After Effects Tutorial – Create a Hollywood Blockbuster Credit Sequence

User C.M. de la Vega goes into serious detail showing you how to create an awesome credits sequence that looks just like it would in a blockbuster movie on the big screen.

3. After Effects Tutorial – How to Create Professional Rolling End Credits for Your Film

This is a very simple tutorial, with a fast-talking and knowledgeable narrator. The instructions are voiced quickly and efficiently, which could be fast for some After Effects beginners, but those with a bit of experience with the software will be able to follow along.

4. After Effects CC 2014: How to Make Scrolling Credits, Titles or Credit Roll

This tutorial utilizes shortcuts in After Effects templates to make quick work of a scrolling credit sequence. Plus, it uses credits from The Simpsons Movie as its example text, so the cultural taste of this narrator is unimpeachable.

5. Tutorial: How to Create Movie Credits in After Effects CS6

The detail level in this tutorial is impressive. User Matt Hampton takes his time telling you how to create credits in After Effects so that even the most inexperienced of users can follow along.

Looking for more inspiration? With our library of royalty-free and easily customized After Effects templates, you can quickly create the look and feel you want for your project.

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