Re: Stock Diversity Goal Update

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October 5, 2021

Re: Stock Diversity Goal Update

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Two years ago we launched Re: Stock. When we launched, we committed to improving the percentage of footage in our library with non-white actors/models to 20%. Stock media has a representation problem, so we wanted to actively work to help disrupt the way stock is typically sourced. Today we give you a diversity goal update.

Re: Stock is that work.

We work with cohorts of creators from underrepresented communities in stock to help add diversity to our library from an authentic perspective in front of and behind the camera.

Diversity Goal Update: As of today, we’re nearly at that goal with 19.3%.

Being so close to hitting our goal, we wanted to reflect on all of the artists and contributors who have helped us diversify our library with their footage.

In our first wave of Re: Stock that launched in the fall of 2020, we worked with a cohort of primarily Black and BIPOC creators who were local to the DC area (where Storyblocks is based). This group included the talents of Monica Singleton, Samson Binutu, Chez Carter, Mo Rodman, Donovan Randolph, and the Boob Sweat team. Their footage showcased everything from people of color swimming, playing music, dancing, exercising, using sign language and more.


These creators were the people who helped us turn Re: Stock from an idea into a true initiative, and set the standard for what we could accomplish in just a few months’ time.

For the second wave of Re: Stock, which launched in May earlier this year, we focused on working with members of the LGBTQIA+ community and having them create footage that authentically showed members of that community living their every day lives.

We worked with Sav Rodgers, Daisy Gaston, Shannon Beveridge, Ryan McLendon, Sannchia Gaston, and Aiden Korotkin to create footage featuring found families, queer couples, date nights, and more.


To celebrate being so close to our goal, we wanted to give away a free folder of some of our favorite clips from Re: Stock and newer footage that showcases diverse representation – just sign up in the box below to receive the link to download.

Thank you to everyone who has supported this initiative and advocated for more diversity in stock, whether it was through downloading clips with diverse models, submitting feedback asking for diversity, or simply being a member of Storyblocks.

The next wave of Re: Stock is coming very, very soon and we can’t wait for you to see who we’ve partnered with for this round. Check out a preview below!

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