How Storyblocks Improved VDOT’s Production Workflow

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February 28, 2020

How Storyblocks Improved VDOT’s Production Workflow

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For many creative teams, time and money are continuous roadblocks for producing high-quality video content. Whether it’s a time crunch before an important industry meeting or the limitations of a yearly budget, we know that it’s not always easy to deliver against your creative goals.

As manager of the Communications and Media team at VDOT, Sarah Graham and her team are responsible for creating promotional videos for the Virginia Department of Transportation. They’re tasked with creating everything from social media posts and educational videos to important PSAs and direct messages from the governor of Virginia. With a high demand for the best quality video content, Sarah can’t afford to waste time or money in her team’s creative process.

“Every shot we did was pretty much done all in-house. We’d have to provide
all our own b-roll and shoot any sort of extra footage we might need.”


Getting all the shots isn’t easy

When Sarah Graham first joined the Communications and Media team, she quickly realized that there needed to be a change to their creative workflow. Filming and editing all of the many videos needed to inform and engage with the public was time-consuming and budgetarily restrictive.

Although her team had the talent to film the right material and build After Effects graphics that leveled up their production quality, the process was draining. Sarah needed to figure out a way to revamp their process and churn out content quicker. So she turned to Storyblocks for a solution that gave her team more creative freedom and increased their production speed.

“Joining Storyblocks Enterprise has made our video creation process much more efficient and simplified. We’re saving time and money by quickly searching for the right footage and we’re constantly using the After Effects templates to quickly churn out content.”

Partnering with Storyblocks has its benefits

Within the first few weeks of using Storyblocks, Sarah saw an immediate improvement in her team’s creative process; “Storyblocks became the “connective tissue” in our video production workflow. It reduced the number of steps, saved us time, and gave us more flexibility than we had before.”

  • Reduced planning and production time — Sarah and her team start their creative planning by using the hundreds of thousands of video clips from our library. With unrestricted access to license, download and use any footage they find, her editors are able to quickly storyboard their vision, pulling in and swapping out assets with ease. From there, Sarah’s editors can immediately jump into editing.
  • Added flexibility to projects — Rather than spending days building their own After Effects templates from scratch, Sarah’s team is able to utilize the wide variety of After Effects templates available in the video library. Not only does this add a professional polish to their projects, but they are able to save hours of valuable time.

Storyblocks has become an asset to VDOT’s workflow. Shooting all original b-roll is a tedious and expensive undertaking, sometimes requiring days in the field to get just one shot right. Now, not only are they reducing their production timeline, but they are saving tax-payer money. With footage and graphics right at their fingertips within the Storyblocks library, the team has the creative freedom to produce more of the engaging content their audience deserves.

“My team uses Storyblocks every day; we’re really happy with it.”

This could be your team

By taking advantage of the high-quality, properly cleared stock content from Storyblocks, the Communications and Media team at VDOT are able to focus more on the story and the message, instead of budgetary restraints and time crunches.

Give your content creation team the same benefits Sarah gave to her team at VDOT — increased output, an efficient workflow, flexibility, and more. Experience complete creative freedom with Storyblocks Enterprise’s extensive stock video, audio, and images libraries.

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