What Happened When Daniel Schiffer Challenged Creators to Use His Footage?

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August 17, 2022

What Happened When Daniel Schiffer Challenged Creators to Use His Footage?

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Daniel Schiffer is a Canadian filmmaker and content creator with over 2 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. He is best known for sharing video editing and filmmaking tips on how to produce high quality commercial content with minimal resources – like this viral video on how to film epic pizza B-Roll

Back in April, we partnered with YouTuber and video editing pro, Daniel Schiffer, to launch our first “Edit My Video” challenge. Creators around the world produced their own unique edits of Daniel’s stock footage collection he filmed exclusively for Storyblocks – a collection of cooking footage inspired by some of his most successful YouTube videos.

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Daniel Schiffer announces the challenge on his YouTube channel

How did the “Edit My Video” challenge work?

Participants received a “Starter Pack” that included Daniel’s Storyblocks collection and tips to create a memorable and winning edit. 

screenshot of daniel schiffers stock footage collection

Daniel Schiffer’s exclusive collection for Storyblocks

Oftentimes stock media gets a bad rap for being low-quality, cookie-cutter and expensive. With Storyblocks unlimited all-access plan, users have access to over a million assets – including high-quality 4K footage clips, audio tracks, sound effects, transitions, After Effects templates and more.

Rather than being another generic stock media provider, Storyblocks provides an all-in-one, bespoke toolbox for creators to develop custom, high-quality videos.

More than a thousand creators submitted videos for the challenge who used our stock library to create one-of-a-kind edits. Between the use of sound effects, transitions, overlays and Daniel Schiffer’s collection, participants were able to unlock their creative potential by using Storyblocks’ rapid video creation platform.

screenshot of daniel schiffers youtube video

Daniel Schiffer shares the winners and honorable mentions of the challenge

After much deliberation, Daniel Schiffer selected three finalists to receive prizes – including Storyblocks unlimited all-access memberships, brand new cameras, travel gear, equipment, and more.

And the “Edit My Video” winning submissions are…


First Place Winner – Michi Eder

What stood out in this video was Michi’s ability to edit and composite different stock media clips together, essentially creating an entirely different clip. As you can see in his video, this requires advanced editing skills, attention to detail, and an incredible amount of creativity.

“For me as an editor watching this, to see someone executing these things is already impressive as it is but to even come up with these ideas – to even have the thought – it just blows my mind.” – Daniel Schiffer

This is a great example of how stock media can be your secret weapon in the creative process – whether it’s for sourcing inspiration, adding B-Roll, or a compositing tool to make entirely new clips, Michi’s video is a true testament to our mission of “creation without boundaries.”

Congrats Michi! Subscribe to his YouTube channel.

Second Place Winner – Jack Sutton

Jack did an amazing job using overlays, transitions, and text effects to enhance the stock footage and make the video unique. The sequence of effects, different camera angles, and varying speeds draws you in and keeps you engaged as Jack tells a compelling story from start to finish. 

“I can kind of already predict that some people will feel like the effects in this video can be a bit gimmicky but I think the effects work really well to captivate the viewer’s attention and just make the video pop. I could fully see this playing on a screen inside a poke restaurant.” – Daniel Schiffer

Subscribe to Jack’s YouTube channel.

Third Place Winner – Felix Bremicker

Felix’s submission is a perfect example of how the right choice of background music and use of sound effects can bring a video to life.

Audio selection is an integral part of the video editing process – it has the power to enhance the story, add realism, and provide emotional texture to your video. 

“This video has an overall very smooth flow with tasteful sound effects. While this edit wasn’t necessarily as flashy as some other ones, it was very polished. I thought this was a great balance of tasteful and impressive.” – Daniel Schiffer

Selecting the right audio can take a lot of time. Creators have access to thousands of royalty-free audio tracks and sound effects through the Storyblocks library. To streamline their workflow, our platform makes it easy to filter through tracks based on the desired mood of your video — which can save you hours in the video editing process.

Subscribe to Felix’s YouTube channel.

Honorable Mentions

While these didn’t make Daniel’s top three, the following videos are worth an honorable mention for their uniqueness, attention to detail, and creativity. 

Harvey Flux

Subscribe to Harvey’s YouTube channel.

Lúber Mujica

 Subscribe to Lúber’s YouTube channel.

Stephen Jacobs

Subscribe to Stephen’s YouTube channel.

Thank you to all who participated! Stay tuned for future video editing challenges. 

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Interested in unlocking your creative potential? Check out Storyblocks for unlimited downloads of royalty-free footage, audio, images, and templates —  and give our easy-to-use video editor, Maker, a try today.

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