Introducing Maker for Teams: Empowering Businesses to Create Video at Speed and Scale

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June 14, 2022

Introducing Maker for Teams: Empowering Businesses to Create Video at Speed and Scale

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The suite of tools will provide intuitive video creation solutions to help organizations democratize the creative process and achieve strategic goals.

Today we’re thrilled to debut Maker for Teams – a unique and easy-to-use suite of video creation and editing tools that enable businesses to keep up with the massive demand for video.


Video consumption has skyrocketed in recent years making video creation skills essential for companies to keep audiences engaged. Storyblocks’ Maker for Teams allows anyone within an organization to be a subject matter expert and create eye-catching videos without mastering the time-consuming complexity of existing video editing software – all while tapping into Storyblocks’ vast library of diverse and representative media.

In a press release today, our CEO TJ Leonard said:

“In our continued efforts to help businesses drive results through video creation, we’re thrilled to be introducing Maker for Teams. Content trends are moving at lightspeed today, but the traditional creative process is broken, often making video creation a bottleneck for bringing creative assets to market and preventing businesses from realizing the full ROI of their campaigns. We’ve launched Maker for Teams to help teams quickly and easily create on-brand content, while simultaneously arming team members with the tools they need to compete and scale at speed.”

Maker for Teams is available exclusively for Storyblocks users on a business plan. Get in touch today to request a demo and see for yourself how you and your team could be making video at speed and scale.

Marianne Bunton

Sr. Director, Product Marketing

As a product marketer at Storyblocks, Marianne gets to tell the world about our exciting new tools, and evangelize about the democratization of video creation. She’s passionate about empowering people to make more video, regardless of their job title, experience or skill-level. Outside of work, Marianne is an avid hiker, traveler, and theater-goer.