What’s New with Audio

October 22, 2019

What’s New with Audio

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Over the past four months, we have been hard at work, refreshing the experience in our audio library. If it’s been a while since you’ve come to the site, get excited. We’ve made a lot of changes. 

Searching for audio can be overwhelming, and we think that’s because it’s hard to describe what you’re looking for. The more you can discover upfront without resorting to ambiguous search terms, the better. After collecting research directly from users, we set out to tackle everything from genres to moods to the interface. These changes, which include both under the hood and visual updates, were made with one goal in mind — connecting you with content, faster. 

Here’s a peek at what’s different with our audio library today!

Updated moods and genres for music

Storyblocks Audio - New Features

Moods, the most popular way of browsing music on Storyblocks, are now simpler and more accurate. We updated the mood names to clarify some of the existing categories and added new moods, including ‘Epic’ and ‘Dark.’ Genre names have been simplified, and the definitions have been updated to match industry standards. We also utilized machine learning to improve the way tracks are tagged and categorized for better relevance. 

Search and browse, playlist-style

Storyblocks Audio - Playlist, Search and Browse

Our tracks have a fresh new look! The playlist-style interface helps you browse through content vertically, just like you would find tracks in a music library. Tags display the most relevant moods and genres on each track — clicking on a tag will fire a new search. You can see which tracks you’ve already previewed (look for the grey background.) Finally, the new high-res waveforms help you better visualize the details of a track.  

A filter for Vocals 

Storyblocks Audio - Vocal Filters

We added a brand new filter for music searches – Vocals! You can now choose Vocals/Lyrical or No Vocals/Instrumental in your filter shelf to narrow your search results. Whichever option you need, this feature will help you find it quickly.

New, exclusive content

Storyblocks Audio - Exclusive Content

Finally, we just added 200+ new music tracks that are exclusive to Storyblocks! You won’t find this music anywhere else. Look out for the blue “NEW” flag in your search results or sort by “Most Recent” to listen.

And we’re not finished yet. We’re continuing our research in pursuit of the best experience we can give you. Take a look and tell us what you think!

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