Vital Resources for Staying Sane as a Creative

April 2, 2020

Vital Resources for Staying Sane as a Creative

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It feels strange right now to talk about anything other than the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s impacted everyone, including creatives. Whether it’s a loss of work/projects or facing the challenge of balancing working from home with their families’ needs, the uncertainty and stress is a lot to deal with. Regardless of your situation, it’s extremely important to take care of yourself. We’ve put together a list of resources to help you do just that!

Resources for Creatives

Anxiety as Fuel for Artistic Creativity – Did you know that anxiety can be channeled to positively fuel your artistic creativity? In this video, Sharon Dowell explains how anxiety often fuels her creative process.

The Eye on Design Guide to Self-isolation for Designers and Creatives Remote work can feel isolating at times. This guide uncovers a multitude of resources that are dedicated to helping you keep your spirits high while social distancing.

7 Tips for Working from Home with Kids when Coronavirus has Everything Shut Down – From sticking to a routine, to minimizing distractions through visual queues, this article provides clear insights on how to survive working from home with the little ones around.

How to Avoid Burnout as a Freelance Creative – In this Storyblocks post, Alli Saunders covers things freelance creatives can practice to avoid burning out and ensure a healthy work-life balance during busy times. 

I’m Failing – One of my personal favorites; this “real talk” video from Iz Harris addresses the feeling of “failing” and how you can be kind to yourself when experiencing that. 

Graphic Design: How to Confront Depression as a Creative – Roberto Blake shares his tips for living a purposeful life as a creative, and tackling his personal experiences with anxiety and depression.

Artist Series – Yayoi Kusama + Mental Health – This video series highlights the life and career of Yayoi Kusama, a Japanese artist who creates art that is primarily inspired by her mental health state.

4 Tips for Coping with Depression as a Creative Person – This video by Dr. Chris Sovey explores how to keep depression at bay through creative outlets and how to connect with others. 

What is Art Therapy? 5 Ways Guided Creativity Can Help You Grow – This resource explains the application of how art and the creative process can be used in a therapeutic context.

How are you coping with the uncertainty and impact of COVID-19, while continuing to maintain a sustainable, creative flow in your day-to-day routines? I’d love to hear from you at Let’s continue the conversation!

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