Everything you need to know about our Individual License update

September 17, 2021

Everything you need to know about our Individual License update

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We recently made a few updates to Storyblocks Individual License, and got a lot of questions about what those exact changes were. We’ll walk you through what our Individual License is and explain the updates that were made.

You can find the newest version of the individual license here and access it any time online. Our Terms of Service have not changed. 

About our Individual License Update

Our Individual License is written for and indemnifies you, the individual person who originally signed up for the account on one of our websites, not the entity, company, or client you work for. This means that the license granted, which allows you to use stock files, does not extend to anyone else at your company or client. If you need a Business License that is written for and indemnifies you and your entity, company, or client, please contact our Enterprise team on our website here.

Changes made to our Individual License

Ensuring fairness for all of our artists and other customers is a top priority. Here’s how we protect them with our license updates.

  1. You cannot assign or sublicense this License to anyone else. Nor can you share your login with anyone else.
  2. You cannot sell, license, or redistribute our stock files, nor can you build your own stock media site with our stock files.
  3. You cannot post our audio files on music platforms (like Spotify) as if they are your own. 
  4. You cannot create a trademark or logo based on our stock files, since that could block other customers from using the stock files. 
  5. You cannot use stock files to harm minors, to encourage violence or hate, or for an unlawful purpose, such as defamation.
  6. When using our audio content, your License enables you to incorporate the audio into another work, but you only have intellectual property rights as to the creative value you add. For example, if you make a trivial change to a music track, such as trimming its length, you cannot then resell the trimmed track as your own musical accomplishment on a service like Spotify.

These are all the changes and adjustments that we made to the Individual License – if you have any questions, reach out to our support team at support@storyblocks.com

Happy creating!


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