Announcing the Storyblocks Diversity in Video Report

December 15, 2021

Announcing the Storyblocks Diversity in Video Report

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Did you know that 64% of audiences in the US, UK and Brazil said they would like to see more diversity? (Facebook Advertising). Audiences today are demanding more inclusive and diverse representations from the companies they buy from and the content they consume. 

Stories need to be told more authentically – it’s good for communities and it’s good for business; according to the Heat Test Report, 69% of brands with representative ads saw an average stock gain of 44%.

Diverse and inclusive content has evolved from being nice to have to a necessary component for brands wanting to resonate with more audiences and succeed in the market today. Studies continue to show that if you’re not prioritizing and taking a closer look at your diversity and inclusion initiatives both internally and externally, you’re leaving a big growth opportunity on the table. This is why we created the Diversity in Video Report.

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Here at Storyblocks, we’ve committed to increasing diverse content in our video libraries through Re: Stock, an initiative that was born as a result of our customer’s constant demands for more representation in our content. That way you can create better, more inclusive video faster than ever.

This growing demand-driven library, along with our unlimited content model, have given us access to unique insights on what is important to content creators and brands today.

We’ve analyzed over 250 million searches and over 45 million downloads from our users, extending across 18 different industries worldwide. 

This report will showcase data that summarizes the state of diversity in video today to give you insights into what consumers are asking for. You will learn:

  • How the number of diverse content searches and downloads has changed in just three years
  • What are the top diversity keywords that brands and content creators are searching for
  • Who were the key communities that have been highlighted the most in media and marketing in the last year broken down by industry like: education, technology, broadcast, healthcare and many more

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Some of the key findings for marketers and content creators include:

  • Body diversity, elderly people and Muslim communities were the top 3 diversity related searches by businesses in 2021
  • Downloads of Black, Indigineous and People of Color (BIPOC) videos increased by 195% compared to 2019 with 2.3 million more downloads in 2021
  • Downloads of diverse video content increased by 191% compared to 2019, including race, ability, age, body and LGBTQIA+

This report will not only focus on the hard data – we’ve also analyzed and highlighted case studies of brands that have effectively incorporated diversity into their brand strategies through successful Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) initiatives. We take a close look at what some of the big players such as Netflix, Citi and Sesame Street have done to authentically connect with audiences while growing business goals

Some teams may find it challenging taking the first steps to creating effective DEI content strategies and initiatives. We’ve included a list of learnings in this report that provide a framework for readers to follow and a list of items to help guide the process of creating effective diverse video marketing strategies, while shining a light on common blind spots and mistakes all content creators and businesses should look out for.

If you and your team aren’t already prioritizing diversity and representation in your content strategy, you’re behind. This report was created to show you exactly why it’s important, what consumers are looking for, and how to begin implementing your own DEI strategy. 

Download and read the full Storyblocks Diversity in Video report to make sure you and your team are keeping up with the market today.

Download the full report


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