Creators Search for Ways to Meet the Demand for Authentic and Inclusive Media

December 11, 2018

Creators Search for Ways to Meet the Demand for Authentic and Inclusive Media

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From “fake news” to the lack of diversity in the media, the creative community is hungry for more authenticity and inclusivity. An analysis of our data indicates that creatives are taking matters into their own hands by starting independent media sources—forcing mainstream media to follow suit or fall by the wayside.

We’ve reported on authenticity as a trend before and we’d bet on it continuing to rise in importance in the coming years. From big-budget films like Black Panther and Crazy Rich Asians to smaller, streaming hits like Insecure and To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, we’re beginning to see more inclusivity from industry leaders including Marvel, HBO, and Netflix.

Our search trends mirror these film trends and show us that creatives are looking for more diverse and inclusive content that is representative of varying cultures and communities around the world. On Storyblocks Video, searches for “African” are up 176%, “elderly” are up 121%, “Islamic” are up 185%, and “Asian” are up 49%—and that’s not even including more specific searches related to these groups and others. On Storyblocks Audio, searches for Japanese, Arabic Instrumental, and African Vocal among many similar searches are all up by more than 100% from last year.

Digital media has and will continue to make the world a smaller place. We’re excited to see our creators searching for media that is representative of a variety of cultures, and we’re excited to see how inclusivity continues to grow in importance in the coming years.

Another area where we’re seeing a demand for more inclusivity and diversity (not to mention authenticity) is in the news. Podcast and YouTube personalities have thrived by meeting these increased demands. Of course, podcasts and YouTube channels have existed for quite a while, but recent issues with fake news and widespread recognition of a lack of diverse opinions within mainstream media have given rise to large opportunities for independent media. In the coming years, no matter your name or size, you’re going to need to find authentic and inclusive visuals to pair with your stories.

Our creators have been searching more and more for stock media that can help them focus less on production and more on the news they’re reporting on. Searches on Storyblocks Video are up for “news intro,” “news background,” and “virtual studio.” Searches are also up on Storyblocks Audio for “breaking news background music” and “news.”

More evidence that hints at our creative community focusing on the news is the rise in searches tied to current events. Related to the Facebook trial and the Kavanaugh trial, we saw a 735% rise in searches for “trial” and a 59% rise in searches for Facebook. As a result of record-breaking wildfires and hurricanes, we saw a 281% rise in searches for “weather.” Finally, with it being an election year, we saw a 24% rise in searches for “election” and expect to see an even bigger bump surrounding the 2020 Presidential campaign and election.

We’re excited to play a part in helping creators and storytellers share their own stories as well as those of others through the use of inclusive media and factual news coverage.

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