It’s Time to Stop Making Excuses, and Start Making Videos

June 14, 2022

It’s Time to Stop Making Excuses, and Start Making Videos

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I consider myself a marketing generalist, a jack of all trades (and yes, often a master of none).  I have led marketing teams of all sizes, across many industries, and I pride myself on hiring people who are better than me to do the things that I can’t.  So it makes sense that I’ve always relied on the experts when it comes to creating video. Video is hard. It takes time. It’s highly technical, requires storytelling precision, and starting from scratch can be downright intimidating.

But that’s not an excuse anymore. While I am so fortunate to work with amazing videographers in-house here at Storyblocks and at past agencies, we simply don’t have the time (or budget) to keep up with our own insatiable demand for video – or as The Washingtonian put it recently, “the internet’s bottomless hunger for content.”

So I’m personally thrilled that my team and I will now be able to instantly leverage templates and brand kits, along with an easier way to collaborate on shared projects and folders in our super-simple video-editing tool, Maker.  

Maker For Teams is the unlock that we need to get our messages to market quicker, so we can test more, refresh more, and learn more from our campaigns. I used to wake up at night thinking about the time my team and I were spending on the constant level-of-effort rationalization, deciding which campaigns would justify a video, let alone the briefing process, reviews and rounds of approvals.  We missed the boat too many times, so we had to find smarter ways to do more ourselves.


If you and your teams share similar frustrations and challenges with video marketing, I’d encourage you to check out Maker for Teams yourself. I promise you’ll be creating within minutes.  We’ll be ‘walking the walk’ over the next few months, making more videos to supplement our own campaigns – like this one below. If you’re reading this, you’ll no doubt be seeing more from us as we get up and running.  Here goes…


Marianne Bunton

Sr. Director, Product Marketing

As a product marketer at Storyblocks, Marianne gets to tell the world about our exciting new tools, and evangelize about the democratization of video creation. She’s passionate about empowering people to make more video, regardless of their job title, experience or skill-level. Outside of work, Marianne is an avid hiker, traveler, and theater-goer.