Use Video Marketing to Uncage Your Dating App

April 5, 2018

Use Video Marketing to Uncage Your Dating App

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Turning your dream into reality can be hard, but with stock footage, you can do it—easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Have a new coffee shop you’re opening up? Or perhaps a hardware store? Maybe you’re writing a new book you want to promote? If you need to market the next big thing, but don’t have the footage, images, or audio to show it off, Storyblocks is here for you.

We created a sample ad for a dating app to show you just how versatile our stock footage is. For this video, we used footage, music, and sound effects from the Storyblocks library to promote our imaginary app, as well as Adobe Premiere Pro to put it all together.

The editing process was relatively simple and can be done using whichever editing platform you’re most comfortable with (including iMovie!). We cut our clips but didn’t make any complex edits—save for some sound adjustments on our audio (modifying volume levels). Other than that, everything was fairly straightforward. We chose our clips, cut them, synced our audio and our SFX, added some bumpers, and that was it! Here’s the final product:

We started with a simple concept: create a marketing video for a dating app. From there, we searched our video and audio libraries to find the content we needed to tell our story.

Feeling Inspired? Fill in the blank and share your final products with us in the comments section at the end of this post. Looking for the video and audio clips we used? Just scroll a little further.

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Here are the videos we used—listed in chronological order from cut-to-cut.

Download this clip of a man texting.

Download this clip of a woman on her cell phone.

Download this clip of a couple toasting with cocktails.

Download this clip of a couple having a glass of wine.

Download this clip of a couple on a rollercoaster.

Download this clip of a couple under the sunset.

And what would a video be without audio? Here are the musical tracks and SFX we used throughout the video. Click through and download the ones that pique your interest.

Download this happy tune.

Download this cell phone vibration sound effect.

Download this cell phone ringing sound effect.

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Gina Fuchs

Gina is a Social Media and Blogging intern at Storyblocks, as well as a student at the University of Maryland. There, she majors in Communication Studies and minors in Creative Writing. When she’s not at Storyblocks, she’s playing with her Pug (Rocky), scrolling through Twitter, or finding a new book to read.