Stock Bae: Meet Your Pixel Perfect Dream Man

February 12, 2018

Stock Bae: Meet Your Pixel Perfect Dream Man

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Shopping for stock photography is a lot like shopping for a boyfriend. Whether you’re swiping through an app or browsing royalty-free photos, you’re searching for The One. If you need a stock bae, look no further! Launching a Kickstarter coffee maker and want a male model to help build buzz? We got you. Promoting your DJ side hustle? You’ll find serious beats and serious studs in our library. Want a frat bro to star in your soon-to-be-viral meme? We’ve got hunks aplenty!

So go ahead, browse like you’re joining #BachelorNation, but you don’t need to choose just one—you can download them all!

Skateboard Bae

Grant is a skater boi who will not ghost you. He has incredible balance; have you ever tried skateboarding? But don’t be fooled by his laid back look—dude is a fiscally responsible financial analyst. Not only will he balance the books, but he will cook you a balanced breakfast in the morning.

Motivations: Saving up for a trip to Bali. Looking for a permanent travel partner.

Not Pictured: His adorable French Bulldog named Diego.

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Bacon and Eric

Not only will he crack that egg, but Eric will crack those emotional walls you’ve been building. He knows how to peel back layers like an onion. But don’t think he’s soft—he places his laptop on hot surfaces willy-nilly, and look at those biceps…

Motivations: Living his best life, as seen on Instagram.

Not Pictured: Frittata.

Gotta Have Javi

Who is he waiting for so intently? You, boo! Javi hopes you got his text, letting you know he’s picked up your favorite snacks from the store so you don’t have to. This is what a feminist looks like.

Motivations: Settling down in a tiny house. Adopting 2.5 kids.

Not Pictured: The Ava DuVernay docs he’s adding to his Netflix list right now.


Steely-Eyed Sean

Boyish charm is how he draws you in, but underneath that cap is a nurse practitioner who aced human anatomy. Once he slides into your DMs—Sean is there to stay.

Motivations: Learning something new every day.

Not Pictured: All the abs.


Luke the Listener

Hold on, Luke is almost done with the latest episode of your podcast and he is genuinely INTO IT. You know what else he’s into? Your amazing brain. Luke is smooth and always knows the right soundtrack to play—he even makes Spotify playlists of love songs, just for you.

Motivations: Music (obviously).

Not Pictured: One hundred summer scarves.

Like what you see? There are more stock baes where these fellas came from, and they’re all included with your membership.

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