Montage Madness: Get Started with Our Movie Montage Toolkit

February 1, 2018

Montage Madness: Get Started with Our Movie Montage Toolkit

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Everyone loves a good montage—don’t they? Montage background music is what keeps an audience engaged with the content that they’re viewing—even if it means just boppin’ their head along to the beat. Try taking your entire project up a notch by adding montage music and an After Effects templates for your photos or videos. Before you start producing your After Effects photo montage or video montage—you’ve gotta lay down the right track. Let’s take a listen to some of the best montage music in our library so you can get those creative juices flowing.

Hit the Right Note with Good Montage Music

Whether it’s John Hughes inspired 80s montage music you’re looking for, or something a bit more classic—we’ve got you covered. If you don’t see the best montage music for your video here, then check out the rest of our music library for good montage music to pair with your video production.

Download this Funky Stock Montage Music.

Download this Sentimental Track.

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Pull Everything Together with Video Templates

You’ve got the perfect montage music track and amazing videos and photos to show off—but now what? Using an After Effects photo or video montage template is an easy way to create a masterpiece. Take a look at some of these diverse AE templates that are completely customizable to fit your content. Not sure how to edit these templates? Read through our guide on editing AE templates.

Download this Elegant Photo Montage After Effects Template.


Now you have the skills and the tools to create an epic montage video. Combining our stock music and dynamic video templates with your own footage or photos will make for an efficient and professional production. So, what montage movie magic will you be creating next?

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