I Love the 80s! 21 Synth Pop Tracks to Take You Back

May 26, 2017

I Love the 80s! 21 Synth Pop Tracks to Take You Back

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Do you miss the good old days when you could wear your sunglasses at night? Does another manic Monday have you ready to head for a land Down Under? Nothing recalls the spirit of iconic 80s culture like the sounds of the decade—music distinctively characterized by synthesizer-based sound and driving techno beats that are sure to make anyone get footloose.

So, if you and your audience never stopped believing, you’ll definitely want to check out our diverse collection of royalty-free music and audio to find the perfect sound to inspire 80s nostalgia. To get you started, we’ve compiled 22 rad synth pop tracks sure to take you back!

In the Mood

With thousands of clips to choose from, our audio library is sure to have the perfect 80s sound for your project. If you are looking to set the stage for action, take your audience back to a different time period, or get your audience in the mood for city lights, check out these classic synth pop styles.

1. 80s-Style “Cop Film” Theme

Download this full clip of a theme styled after 1980s police drama.

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Rockin’ Out

When remembering the music of the 80s, who could forget the soaring ballads of classic rock bands? Whether you are looking to capture the essence of a bygone Americana or inspire your audience with a spirit of greatness, these clips will be sure to satisfy.

2. Anthemic Pop Rock Full Clip

Download this clip of a soaring ballad-style anthem.

3. Short Rock Anthem Clip

Download this 30-second clip of a classic rock anthem.

4. 80s Metal Anthem

Download this full clip of a hard rock hair band anthem.

Get Groovin’

The 1980s were full of dance style fusion and innovation and nothing gets a crowd groovin’ like the classic dance hits of this decade. Whether you want to reminisce about the King of Pop or a Manhattan night club, these clips are sure to turn your audience into dancing queens.

5. Pop Beat

Download this clip of an extended groovy pop beat.

6. Back to the 80s Dance Floor Music

Download this full clip of a club-style techno tune.

7. Cool Groove “Way Back Music”

Download this clip of a cool ’80’s groove.

8. Short Relaxed Groove

Download this short clip of a laid-back groove.


I know you are feeling the 80s love after hearing just a handful of the hundreds of synth pop clips available in our library—but don’t stop here! Join Storyblocks today to get unlimited access to royalty-free stock audio and have your audience coming back time after time!

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