All That Jazz: 8 Royalty-Free Music Tracks for the 1920s

April 3, 2017

All That Jazz: 8 Royalty-Free Music Tracks for the 1920s

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Considering the fact that “vintage” seem to be always trending, the past is always idealized. The Roaring 20s in particular were a fantastic, escapist decade known for its glamorous lifestyle of the rich—which is probably why it features so heavily in big screen productions, time after time. From big ensemble musicals like Chicago to gritty noir reboots to period backdrops for films like J.K. Rowling’s Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, there’s no shortage of the jazz age in pop culture.

And why not? Music was especially quintessential in defining this revolutionary, iconoclastic generation. Listening to the jazz music from the time can transport audience to this world of extravagance and feel the same sense of thrill that infused the decade.

Iconic and versatile, stock music from the 1920s is the perfect addition to many projects, period or otherwise. You can use this music to recall an enchanting past or to modernize a genre of music for today’s audience. Discover the freewheeling, innovative decade with these 20 royalty-free music tracks we’ve curated to capture all the “razzle dazzle” of the 1920s.


Infused with a bouncy piano tune, these tunes invoke the early origins of jazz for your next video project.

1. The Entertainer

Download The Entertainer.

Flapper Jazz

If you’re looking for the perfect dancing tune, check out these melodies that include the strong clarinet and bass themes made popular in speakeasies and nightclubs.

2. Jazz Quartet 

Download Jazz Quartet.

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Gypsy Jazz

A genre made popular by guitarist Djano Reinhardt, these guitar rich tunes will liven up your project.

3. Propizio Chitarra Music

Download Propizio Chitarra Music.

4. Citarra Pizzicata

Download Citarra Pizzicata.

5. Addio

Download this music track from our stock library.

6. Dance Through the Night Music

Download this music track from our stock library.


Grab your partner and get ready to dance to the big band sound of these audio tracks.

7. Let’s Swing Baby

Download this music track from our stock library.

8. Little Duke

Download this music track from our stock library.

Ready to keep tapping your toes? Be sure to search all of our royalty free music. With audio tracks like this, the fast-paced and lavish lifestyle of the 1920s will never die.

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