Our Favorite Royalty-Free Background Music Tracks & How to Use Them

August 30, 2018

Our Favorite Royalty-Free Background Music Tracks & How to Use Them

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Background music isn’t just a fun add-on for your social media and YouTube videos—it’s pretty much expected. Without royalty-free options for background audio, creators like you would be left searching for ways to purchase the rights for expensive, popular songs, that are likely to exceed their budgets. Even enormous media brands use royalty-free background music because it comes with worry-free licensing. On a recent YouTube video, one star joked that she makes up songs all the time because the team doesn’t have the budget for pop songs. If you’re not up for some spontaneous singing and composing, then royalty-free is your easiest option. Royalty-free background music gives you the freedom to focus on the content of your videos, without worrying about the cost of your audio. With a subscription to Storyblocks Audio, you have unlimited access to thousands of audio options. You can choose a song, try it out, decide you hate it, and try out another without worrying about paying for each individual track. Now that you understand the benefits of royalty-free music, let’s dive a little deeper into why background music is so essential for content creators.

Background Music for YouTube

Video effects are a great way to step up your video game, but adding some background audio will ensure that you’re going above and beyond with your YouTube content. In general, music and sound effects are part of the special formula for creating engaging and professional YouTube videos. Almost every YouTuber has to stick to a budget, so many use royalty-free background music to enhance their content while saving money.

Using Tunes in Your Instagram Videos

Video content is an enormous part of Instagram’s platform, and the company continues to make the platform more video-friendly with features like Instagram stories and IGTV. While many people watch videos on social media with the sound off, users still expect to hear some sort of audio if they do enable sound. What’s more, if you’re sharing an awesome video, viewers want the audio to be just as good. If you’ve made an intense montage for your audience, they don’t want to click for sound only to hear nothing. Make sure that you step up your game by adding music to your Instagram videos.

Podcast Necessities

Podcasts are entirely an audible experience—and they’re much more than just a few people talking. Background music can go a long way toward creating a brand identity and adding drama to your show. In addition to intro and outro music, many podcasts also use royalty-free background music to mark specific segments. Do you have a game that you sometimes play on your podcast? Introduce it with some music! Your audience will know what to listen for and will start anticipating the different segments of your show.

Royalty-Free Tracks for Your Background Needs

There’s no need for you to compose your own songs for each video you create (but we admire the effort). To get you in the creative mood, we’ve selected a few of our favorite royalty-free background tracks.


Looking for something a little different? Find it in our audio library.

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