Go Viral with Our YouTube Starter Kit

February 28, 2018

Go Viral with Our YouTube Starter Kit

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We’re all just trying to get YouTube famous—aren’t we? While we may not all have 10K+ followers on this popular platform, as creators we have to produce content that stands out from the rest. Adding a logo reveal, sound effects, smooth transitions, special visual effects, or an intro and outro using Adobe After Effects will give your videos some extra flare—and will help you make it onto that elusive trending list.

We’ve put together a quick YouTube Starter Kit packed with video, audio and After Effects templates that’ll garner you some more likes and subscribes on your next YouTube video.

Get Loud

Have you ever watched a viral video that hasn’t had a great soundtrack or utilized sound effects? No. If you want to make some noise on YouTube, no matter what type of video you are producing, sound plays a big part in helping viewers remember your video. Add some background music or quirky stock sound effects to put some extra pow into your next video.

Download this 35mm film projector start sound.

Download this round of applause sound effect.

Download this acoustic background stock track.

Download this night in Cuba stock background music.

Download this shiny bell stock sound effect.


Download this magic turning spell sound effect.

Download this arcade sound effect.

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Get Visual

There’s no better way to capture your viewers’ attention than with a unique opener or high-quality stock footage. The more memorable an element in your video is, the more shares you’re going to rack up.


Download this space motion background.

Download this artsy time-lapse stock footage.

You’ve got stock tracks for YouTube intros and outros, inspiration for logo reveals, an endless amount of totally trend-worthy stock footage to choose from, and a guide to starting a successful YouTube channel. Don’t wait around for the next trend—create it yourself.

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