7 Essential After Effects Animations to Take Your Video Effects to the Next Level

December 19, 2016

7 Essential After Effects Animations to Take Your Video Effects to the Next Level

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Cross-dissolve just doesn’t cut it anymore. To make studio-quality videos, you need polished animations—that’s why we’ve pulled seven essential After Effects template animations for video production. From logo reveals to intro slides, these template categories are the standard-bearers of the industry.

Templates are a great way for filmmakers, marketers, and creatives to quickly and easily create professional projects without needing to build them from scratch, frame by tedious frame. Easily customized with text, photos, and footage, AE templates deliver high production value with little effort.

Working with templates is also a great way to get started on custom projects while learning the ropes of the program. Most animation templates are full of crowd-pleasing special effects that can be mined, duplicated, or customized—diving into templates for these individual effects can be an important step to After Effects mastery.


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To get you started, we’ve pulled these essential Adobe After Effects animations from the most popular templates in our library. These include a number of videos from our different AE categories—from Intro Templates to Logo Reveals, Slideshow Templates, Typography Templates and more.

1. Bright Logo Template

Simple in nature, this intro animation works for any organization looking to add a dynamic logo composite at the start or end of their video.

Download this bright logo intro After Effects Template.

2. Business Line Template

Need a professional business template to introduce you or your organization? Look no further. This business line animation is your ticket to a clean and qualified look.

Download this Business Line After Effects Template.

3. Logo Boom Template

This stunning animation will help your logo stand out through sheer cinematic exuberance. Its production value garners interest and conveys a polished yet awe-inspiring feel.

Download this Logo Boom After Effects Template.

4. Glitch Revealer Template

A favorite in our Membership Library, this glitch animation is fresh and hip, and adds a unique technical vibe to any video.

Download this Glitch Revealer After Effects Template.

5. Abstract Reveal Template

A touch of business paired with polished creativity, this abstract transition animation adds flair to any video projects.

Download this Abstract Reveal After Effects Template.

6. Minimal Business Text Template

Sparing superfluous effects or unnecessary visual fluff, this minimalistic text animation works best for anyone trying to keep their video clean and simple.

Download this Minimal Text After Effects Template.

7. Great Slideshow Template

Looking for an animation that’s both full of flavor and unique in nature? This animation puts a youthful twist on classic slideshow intros.

Download this Great Slideshow After Effects Template.

Feeling inspired? Download these awesome animations and more from our extensive library of After Effects templates.

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