11 Eye Catching After Effects Templates YouTubers Love

February 8, 2017

11 Eye Catching After Effects Templates YouTubers Love

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If the internet never forgets, give it something to remember. Creating videos is as easy as point and shoot, and making a career on YouTube is more common than ever. But to really succeed, it takes creativity, consistency, and exciting content that screams, “watch me!” That’s a lot of pressure—fortunately, you don’t have to be a one person army. We’ve pulled together a list of 11 After Effects templates YouTubers love that will give your videos that extra little something to catch your audience’s attention.

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From slideshows and logo reveals to intros and business effects, these AE templates are a solid creative foundation for any video project. And, with easily customizable text, image, and video fields, starting a project is as simple as drag and drop.

Each of these 11 templates are from our library—including high-quality and easily customized intros, business presentations, typography, promos, AE slideshow templates, cinematic effects, and more.

1. After Effects CS5 Template: Bracket Titles

The Bracket Title template is perfect for anyone looking to add a unique title sequence to their video.

Download this Bracket Title After Effects Template.

2. After Effects CS5 Template: Title Block

Now this is a beautiful Title Block template. It’s modern and creative twist on the title slide makes this template a “must have.”

Download this Title Block After Effects Template.

3. After Effects CS5 Template: Parallaxin

This template uses a parallax technique, adding a sense of dynamic movement to a traditionally stationary title slide.

Download this Parallaxin After Effects Template.

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4. After Effects CS5 Template: Journey Intro

OutKast said it best—this template is “So Fresh, So Clean.” If you’re looking for a cool intro to your video, this template is for you.

Download this Journey Intro After Effects Template.

5. After Effects CS4 Template: Logo Impact

Need a logo intro that will show your viewers you mean business? Just like the “Ford Tough” commercials, this template will show the weight of your brand.

Download this Logo Impact After Effects Template.

6. After Effects CS5 Template: Photo Turn

Simple, sleek and elegant. The Photo Turn template’s minimalistic approach never overpowers your video, keeping it classy and professional looking.

Download this Photo Turn After Effects Template.

7. After Effects CS4 Template: Royal Particle Photo Album

The Royal Particle Photo Album has some star power to it. Perfect for those who want to build videos ready made for television, this template is a “must have” for a superstar project.

Download this Royal Particle Photo Album After Effects Template.

8. After Effects CS5 Template: Side Slider

The Side Slider template is a perfect blend between professional and creative. If your video is in need of a standout transition, you’ve come to the right place.

Download this Side Slider After Effects Template.

9. After Effects CS4 Template: Corporate Portfolio

Is your company building a collection of photos and videos for an important professional event? The Corporate Portfolio template is exactly what you need.

Download this Corporate Portfolio After Effects Template.

10. After Effects CS5 Template: Apocalypse Template

This Apocalypse template is bold, gritty, and interest driven. If you’ve got a project that needs a touch of darkness, don’t drain your brain looking for another template—download this one!

Download this Apocalypse After Effects Template.

You can find these awesome After Effects templates and more in our royalty-free Membership Library—all with unlimited downloads. Next, learn how to make a successful YouTube channel with the best tips and tricks all in one spot.

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