15 After Effects Backgrounds for Live Events

April 3, 2017

15 After Effects Backgrounds for Live Events

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Come one, come all! Planning a live event can be a challenging and stressful task—after finding a venue, entertainer or DJs, and date, all that’s left is attracting the crowds. Sounds easy enough, right? Maybe if you like long nights spent wracking your brain for marketing strategies, then yes, it’s easy. Luckily, finding crowd-pleasing and mesmerizing visuals for your event’s promos or backdrop doesn’t have to be stressful. Our library of After Effects templates includes a wide array of creative graphics to make a big splash.

The right animated background can call attention to your next food festival, conference, or artistic endeavor. Or using After Effects backgrounds to advertise your event will make sure your family reunion announcement, book tour, or craft fair leaves a memorable impression and guarantees that every possible attendee knows your event is the place to be.

There’s no limit to how you can use an AE Background for your next live event. We’ve rounded up our top 15 AE Backgrounds for live events to help you get started.

1. Particle Swirl

Download this Particle Swirl template!

2. Photo Glyde

Download this Photo Glyde template!

3. Photo Intro

Download this Photo Intro template!

4. Closing Presentation

Download this Closing Presentation template!

5. Bloom Intro Title Sequence

Download this Bloom Intro template!

6. Photos Logo

Download this Photos Logo template!

7. Epic Text in the Heavens

Download this Text in the Heavens template!

8. Club Promo

Download this Club Promo template!

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9. Fight Night

Download this Fight Night template!

10. Club Promo

Download this Club Promo template!

11. Heavenly Logo Intro

Download this Heavenly template!

12. Sports Action Promo

Download this Action Promo template!

13. Elegant Parallax Slideshow

Download this Elegant template!

14. Collective Corporate Timeline

Download this Corporate Timeline template!

15. Photo Motion

Download this Photo Motion template!

Use these 20 AE backgrounds to get pumped up and ready to create an amazing promo for your live event. There’s plenty more where these came from, so get out there and find the perfect background to make your campaign a true success with our AE backgrounds.

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