5 Income Drivers for Creators You May Not Be Thinking Of

June 18, 2020

5 Income Drivers for Creators You May Not Be Thinking Of

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What is up, you wonderful people? My name is Cody Wanner. I’m a content creator on YouTube, also a video content creator and a freelancer. Right now, you may not be getting much work with your typical creative offering. Hi, videographers. So I thought I would give you a few ideas of how to expand your offering with your skillset and how to increase your revenue streams. 

1. Shooting product photos and video

There are so many products out there being advertised on Facebook and Instagram that don’t have great photos or videos to go along with them. These are things that companies can send to you. You can use them in your own space to make compelling images or content that companies and brands absolutely love. So add it to your offering, compelling product photos and videos. 

2. Becoming a spokesperson

There are many organizations out there who don’t yet feel comfortable in front of the camera. Whether it be speaking to a camera, setting up a camera, any of that stuff. But they have messages to convey to their constituents, clients, and customers. For you to be that talking head for them, be a representative of the company, that’s extremely powerful. So if you have the skillset – making videos on YouTube, tutorials, whatever it is – and you’re comfortable talking to a camera, use that skill. That’s a marketable skill for organizations.

3. Consulting on in-house productions

Very closely related to becoming a spokesperson, there are executives in organizations that want to learn how to communicate with an audience through the lens of a camera. If you feel comfortable breaking down how you do that and offering tips that you have, add that to your offering. Consulting for and teaching an organization how to make their own content confidently, that’s very powerful. To become that expert in your client’s mind can earn you continued work down the line which will definitely be a bonus to increase your revenue in the future.

4. Video call editing & live online productions

Everyone knows how to record a Zoom call. Whether it’s an executive 

talking to a customer, customer testimonials, employees on the client-facing side, compiling and creating compelling content from recorded Zoom calls can be very useful right now. The stuff’s recorded, it’s there, it just needs to get it in an editor’s hands and make it into something awesome. That’s where you come in. Along with this, the production of live content. If you can become a producer or director of live content, whether that’s on Instagram or YouTube, learning how to be behind the scenes and produce compelling live content remotely is a fantastic offering.

5. Editing with stock video

There’s so much compelling stock footage that can be used to tell stories when you can’t film. Maybe throw a voiceover in from an executive or hire a professional voiceover artist. Whatever it is, you can make amazing stuff using footage that’s already available and add it to your video editing. Don’t let brands and the companies you’re working with close their minds down to “we need to create our own footage and get all of our own stuff.” Yeah, that works great, but there are other options as well. The best time to try this out is with your current clients and customers. Let them know you’ve expanded your offering. 

Whether you’re working with existing clients, or reaching out to brands and organizations you’d like to work with, make sure they know all the different ways you can help them communicate through video. Hopefully these tips will help you increase your revenue as a video creator!

Cody Wanner

Cody Wanner is a freelance filmmaker and YouTube creator</a>. After a year of daily vlogging in 2018 he sold his commercial video production company and dove head first into full-time content creation and consulting. He is a proponent of raw, real, vlog style video marketing for businesses and personal brands alike.