What Makes a Good YouTube Video?

August 14, 2019

What Makes a Good YouTube Video?

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So you want to grow your YouTube channel but aren’t quite sure how to make it happen? You’re in luck! We get the rundown from the pros in our new YouTube Creator Series. In this episode, we start with the basics—how to make a successful YouTube video. If you want to make it big, it’s not as simple as hit record and upload. Ted from Indy Mogul, Willow of Willow Faith, Raghav from Shutter Authority, and Jordy from Cinecom share their tips on what value your content should give to your audience, how to engage, and how to get viewers in the first place.

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Learn from the best! Follow the creators to see them in action —

Indy Mogul: filmmaking

Willow Faith: travel, LGBTQ+, content creation

Shutter Authority: filmmaking, VFX

Cinecom: filmmaking

In addition to being your home for all the stock footage and audio you need to fuel your YouTube channel, Storyblocks is here to help with resources that cover everything from getting subscribers to monetizing. Happy creating.

Kaitlyn Rossi

Senior Video Producer

Kaitlyn Rossi is a seasoned video producer and a hobbyist photographer and painter. She swoons over stunning imagery and encourages everyone to tap into their inner creator.