What Makes a Compelling Story?

May 8, 2020

What Makes a Compelling Story?

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What makes a compelling story? Is a compelling story engaging? Relatable? Enticing? It’s a tough question, and there isn’t one answer. So in this video, creators and storytellers of all different types will answer what a compelling story is to them, and how to effectively tell a story in a digital format.

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A special thanks to our storytellers:

Nichelle Quiocson – creator, creative director, KIOXON
Ben Leavitt – video creator and founder, Bunny Media
Alli Saunders – video creator and entrepreneur, Alli and Will
Karleen Leveille – producer, reporter, creative executive
Peter Mitchell – creative director, Niceworld Industries
Caryn Tayeh – writer and producer, Hook Studios

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