Microstock Demand Trends for Contributors July 2019

July 25, 2019

Microstock Demand Trends for Contributors July 2019

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Each quarter, the Analytics and Content teams at Storyblocks decipher the latest in-demand content by looking at searches that are spiking, downloads, and impressions. We found several trends from last quarter are holding steady, with a couple surprising new themes growing in popularity.



This video trend is clearly isn’t going anywhere. For the third quarter in a row, we see interest in social media on the rise. The demand surge at the moment seems to be for the platforms with a big video focus. Searches for “subscribe button” are up 774%, “Instagram” up 154%, and “YouTube” up 70%. It makes sense — YouTube is currently the second largest search engine, and IGTV’s popularity is growing. Whether you capture footage or animate, this is a worthwhile subject to invest in.


This is another topic we’ve seen on the trending list before. Japan and subjects relating to Japanese culture have been steadily increasing in demand. Searches for “sushi” are up 338% and “Tokyo” are up 52%. If you typically travel to capture your footage content, maybe Japan should be your next trip.


Interest is growing for topics like the universe and space exploration. Searches for “UFO” are up 192%, “black hole” up 155%, and “universe” up 25%. As graphics technology improves each year, older animated content will become stale to buyers. This is an excellent opportunity for animators to answer the high demand.



For images, illustrations and vectors are on the rise. We’re seeing increasing demand for logos and design elements. Shapes, icons, arrows, and logo have all been increasing in search volume.





VHS Effect

Cybernetic Animation


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We looked at content types and topics that experienced a substantial increase in searches over the last three months. These are the content areas that are currently in need.

Environmentalism – Climate change, recycling, and pollution are all climbing.

Comic books + cartoons – The summer blockbuster movies may be influencing this popular topic. Marvel Intros, cartoons, and cartoon-like characters are tremendously popular.

Green screen – Paired with terms such as Social Media, dancing and background are still trending up.


These topics have decreased in popularity.

News – Breaking news, newsroom, and news background searched are all down.

Everyday Tech – Maybe we’re all just tired of the grind? Phone, laptop, and screen are declining.

Exercise – People are not into exercise right now. While we don’t expect this topic to remain out for long, jogging, workout and fitness searches are not as popular at the moment.


As you head into the end of summer, it’s time to start planning for upcoming seasonal content — if you haven’t started already. Fall and Halloween are around the corner, and demand for Christmas and New Year content begins months in advance. 

We’ll be taking a break from the Content Demand brief in October as we prepare to release our annual Creative Trends Guide in December. Stay tuned!

Kaitlyn Rossi

Senior Video Producer

Kaitlyn Rossi is a seasoned video producer and a hobbyist photographer and painter. She swoons over stunning imagery and encourages everyone to tap into their inner creator.

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