Microstock Demand Trends for Contributors April 2019

April 29, 2019

Microstock Demand Trends for Contributors April 2019

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Our latest Demand Quarterly shows you what is trending in search, what our customers are asking for, and what is popular in visual design. Each quarter, the Analytics and Content teams at Storyblocks break down content demands by looking into spikes for search terms and content that has experienced increased impressions. Some trends from last quarter are holding steady with new themes emerging as well. Here is the latest.



Social Media continues to be on the rise with searches for “subscribe button” having increased by 2550%, and “Instagram” up 328% since last quarter. “Youtube,” “Youtube subscribe,” and “Facebook” are also climbing. Social media and influencers continue to gain prominence in pop culture and society, and the demand for related content reflects this truth.


Searches for “hacker” and “prison” have increased by close to 150%, while “jail,” “lawyer” and “security” have also experienced significant search volume spikes. It’s clear that content representing the crime and criminal justice system are in demand.


With spring in full swing, nature and animal themes have increased in search. Searches for “dogs” and “purebred” are up. Demand for nature content is up from last quarter with “landscapes” having increased by 461%, and “mountains” by 50%. Negative impacts on nature are also on the rise with “tornado” and “pollution” both being searched for 50% more often.



For images, illustrations and vectors are on the rise. We’re seeing increasing demand for logos and design elements. Shapes, icons, arrows, and logo have all been increasing in search volume. Intricate illustrations such as mandalas and fractals have also peaked in popularity.



Muted Tones

Extreme Closeup

Natural Patterns

Retro Cinema



IN 🙂

We looked at content types and topics that experienced a substantial increase in searches over the last three months. These are the content areas that are currently in need.

Green Screen – Explosions, helicopter, dancing, and social media green screen have all jumped in searches.

Fitness – Bodybuilding, break dancing, weight loss, basketball, and mediation are particularly popular right now.

Mental Health – Emotional representations of sadness, depression, and suicide.


These topics have decreased in popularity, but all for different reasons.

Aerials – This one was surprising. Aerials of cities and nature have decreased in demand possibly because drones are becoming more accessible and more creators are capturing their aerial content.

Business – Businessmen, businesswomen, workplaces, meetings, and offices are continuing to decline in search. The stereotypical workplace is changing so the need for typical business content may be as well.

School – School is wrapping up for the summer, so interest is trending down. Education, college, students, reading, and computers are appearing less and less in search.


As we mentioned previously, make sure you are producing and uploading holiday content early. We start seeing an uptick in searches and downloads two months before the holiday with most of the activity happening in the weeks leading up to the holiday. Searches go down to almost zero immediately after the holiday, so there will not be continuing demand after the holiday has ended until the following year. So if you’re planning to produce content for Father’s Day, the Fourth of July or Labor Day, now is the time.

Kaitlyn Rossi

Senior Video Producer

Kaitlyn Rossi is a seasoned video producer and a hobbyist photographer and painter. She swoons over stunning imagery and encourages everyone to tap into their inner creator.