Instagram Inspo for Stock Media Contributors

October 8, 2018

Instagram Inspo for Stock Media Contributors

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You put a lot of work into crafting the perfect video clips, templates, and photos for creatives to incorporate into their YouTube videos, ads, and films–so why not show off a little? Instagram is the perfect community for artists to share their work and get seen, and we’re excited to help you understand and unlock your Insta-potential.

What can Instagram Do for You?

As a primarily visual social media platform, Instagram can do a lot for artists. Show off your work, increase your following, attract potential buyers, share ideas, and get inspired!

Increase Your Network

Instagram is a great place to grow your audience within the creative community. Follow any companies or individuals who you’ve worked with or would like to work with and start commenting and sharing. Not only will you garner some attention from potential buyers or clients, but you’ll also increase your reach and get in front of the eyes of artists and companies that you’re not yet aware of.

One of the interesting ways we learned that HalfPoint makes use of Instagram is to increase its network and improve the diversity of its models—something most Instagram users definitely aren’t doing!

Find Inspiration

Follow other accounts and get inspired by new styles and trends. It’s important to see what’s trending in the digital space so you can cater your stock media to what people are using IRL.

Get Your Work Seen by Potential Buyers

Creatives of all kinds are constantly scrolling through their feeds looking for a little inspo for their projects. This means that you can catch the attention of potential buyers by sharing your content and getting involved in Instagram’s creative community. Learn how to increase your reach with the following tips.

How to Get the Most Out of Instagram

Stay True to the Platform with Real-Time Updates

Not all of your posts will be in-the-moment, but you can make use of Instagram Stories to show your followers what you’re up to in real time. HalfPoint loves to share updates and information about where they’re shooting when they travel. Your stories don’t necessarily have to match the aesthetic of your feed, and they can show off anything from the artist behind the camera to the outtakes from your shoots.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are the best way to ensure that people are seeing what you’re posting. They send a signal to Instagram to let its algorithm know what your photo (or video) is all about. They also make sure that your posts will show up for relevant searches and show up in the feeds of users following the hashtags you use.

As an artist, you can take advantage of popular hashtags like #photooftheday and #photography. You can also tag your photos with what’s in them–for example, your landscape photos can make use of #sunset and #naturephotography and your photos of food can make use of #foodporn.

Keep it Real with Authentic Imagery

Instagram users are craving something real and authentic, so share the shots you’ve captured of real moments and real smiles. The less your photos look staged, the more they’ll resonate with people scrolling through Instagram looking for something beautiful, exciting, or inspiring.

HalfPoint agrees that “the most compelling and eye-catching content for people is to see are images with real emotions and feeling.” Take a look at one of their amazing photos.

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Participate in the Community

Follow other artists, comment on photos and videos you love, and of course, follow @StoryblocksCo so we can communicate with you and share your work!

We spoke with HalfPoint about how they get involved in the community and they said—“Some of the other stock producers are also our friends, so we are happy to see their Insta news.” So go ahead, give HalfPoint a follow, and start collaborating more with your creative community.

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