Four Ways to Make your Video Editing Style Match your Brand

September 18, 2020

Four Ways to Make your Video Editing Style Match your Brand

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Developing a unique brand for your content is challenging. And in order to build a strong brand, all of your visual touchpoints need to align — including your video editing style. In this post, I’ll show you how to develop a unique editing style that matches your brand. 

Your editing style sets you apart

Developing a unique brand for your content comes down to not just your energy on camera and the genre of the content itself, but also how it’s presented through the design of your logo and thumbnails. One key indicator of your personal brand is the editing. This helps you to personalize your content, setting it apart from the rest.

So what video editing tricks can you use to showcase your brand? There are four key elements I will discuss today.

1. Music & sound effects

Music and sound effects play a huge part in setting the tone for your content. It’s a subtle and often unnoticed part of the editing process that has a massive impact on your brand. Does your brand need an energizing hip-hop beat or a smooth jazz piece? Are you trying to come across playful or strong and edgy?

All of this affects the type of music you choose and remember – be consistent! This influences your audience about your brand theme and sets a familiar tone when they return later on.

2. Titles

Is your brand sleek and streamlined or animated and colorful? Let’s say you are a DIY channel. Maybe you’ll choose a font that looks more handwritten and play with color, as opposed to a travel film channel that might choose something sleek and cinematic. Think about how your titles relate to your content and how you want to be perceived.

3. Transitions & pacing

What kind of video are you making? If it’s vlog style, maybe it will make more sense to choose a transition that seems raw, like a VHS tape. If you’re doing photo or video tutorials, you may want something that emulates a camera shutter. It’s also possible that your content doesn’t require any transitions at all. Maybe you’re in the comedy genre and you need fast-paced jump cuts to keep your audience engaged.

Your editing can be known for its pacing and cutting style, just as much as the use of more complicated transitions. Think about how the transition or cut lends itself to the genre and again – keep it consistent!

4. Quality of footage

What camera are you filming on? This contributes to the editing style of your content. If you’re filming on a phone, you can create an edit that lends itself to the more “raw” nature of a handheld phone. If you’re shooting on a more professional camera, you may want your transitions, pacing, music, and titles to support a more highly produced piece of content.

Defining your brand is the big first step – and piecing together your editing style is a great way to reinforce that brand identity consistently.

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