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Storyblocks 2019
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It’s our job as creatives to know what’s trending. That’s why we’ve analyzed 85 million searches from this year to determine the fastest-growing trends used in creative work. Based on our data, we believe these are the content trends that are set to rule in 2019.

Authenticity and Inclusivity in Mainstream and Independent Media

From “fake news” to the lack of diversity in the media, the creative community is hungry for more authenticity and inclusivity. An analysis of our data indicates that creatives may be taking matters into their own hands by developing independent media sources—forcing mainstream media to follow suit or fall by the wayside. Learn more about inclusivity and independent media trends.

Media trends in film and social media indicate that creatives are using more content that accurately depicts the people around us and the world we live in. As digital media makes the world a smaller place, our creative community is searching for video, audio, and images representative of cultures from varying communities around the world.

Our creators are increasingly searching for templates and audio to aid them in reporting on the news on their own terms. Podcast and YouTube personalities source their templates and audio so they can focus more on reporting the facts.




There’s always something new going on in the world, and it’s up to creatives to tell the story. With record-breaking wildfires and hurricanes, the Facebook trial, the Kavanaugh trial, and the US election, this year was chock-full of newsworthy events requiring accurate and timely coverage.

Time-Saving Solutions are Necessary to Meet Increasing Content Demands

Lightweight video editors and video templates made for more complex editors both empower creatives to create more videos—faster. The ability to combine several video clips, change the speed and lighting, and add in audio, provides creatives and marketers of various skill levels with the ability to make video content their own. Learn more about time-saving trends.

We’ve seen an increase in searches related to lightweight video editors which indicates that more beginners are entering into the world of video production and are looking for ways to lessen the learning curve and simplify the process.

Editing programs like After Effects and Apple Motion come with steep learning curves, but the curves are diminished by customizable templates. We’ve seen an increase in the number of searches for various templates that help creators save time and meet the demand for more video content.

After Effects Template

Typography Template

Promo Template


Similar to templates, video effects help creators simplify and speed up their creative process. Pre-made video effects can be blended into a project to develop the final, artistic touch and save creators time on developing the effect on their own time.

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